Ascension Lonquimay Volcano, August 2016

Story,  Johana Malle
Pictures: Karen Tilleria

Last Sunday we spent a wonderful day at Lonquimay. Karen, Nicole, Manuel and Aaron already went to Corralco the day before and Richi, Kathi and I started from Temuco on Sunday morning. 


We decided to get an early start in Temuco in order to maximize the time we could spend in the mountains. This was a good decision because as usual everything in the morning ended up taking longer than expected, so Ricardo, Kathi and I ended up not meeting up with the rest of the crew in Corralco until around 8:30am.

The stoke levels were pretty high, it was a bluebird day out and everyone was excited to play in the mountains. While Kathi and Ricardo were practicing their skinning/skiing skills and Aaron was taking advantage of his free ticket.

the rest of us (Karen, Nicole, Manuel and I) were just hiking up next to the ski slopes.

There are no volcanoes in Austria so I was pretty excited to try and summit Lonquimay. When we started we could already see some pretty big wind vanes up on the ridge but we decided to go up and check it out anyways. The higher we got the stronger the wind got, it was very exhausting and it took us longer than expected to reach the top of the lift. After a short break we kept going and even though it felt like two steps forward, one step back all the time I was still enjoying myself. The views were so stunning; I couldn’t stop smiling the entire day. We decided to call it and turn around at 2:30, just about an hour short of the summit. It was a good decision though, we were moving so slow because of the strong wind and we didn’t want to take a risk and get into dark. Up on the ridge we could see LLaima, Villarica as well as Lanin and Sierra Nevada – the view was simply breathtaking. The way down ended up being a lot easier than the way up, we stopped to take pictures and met up with Kathi and Richi again.



I ended up skiing down the steeper part with Richi’s skis and was also able to squeeze in an extra lift lap.

When we finally reached our cars around 5:30 pm we were all a little tired but still smiling because it had been such a beautiful day – and even though we did not reach the top of Lonquimay, I still felt very accomplished and happy with the way the day turned out being. After some refreshments at the house of Tio Pepe, we crammed into one car and headed back to Temuco. Cheers to a great day in the mountains!


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